Adult Courses

Adult Beginner

  • This course is an introduction to the foreign language, ideal for people┬áthat are interested in having a first contact with the language.
  • The students will learn handy words and phrases and will be able to use them in order to manage everyday situations, such as introducing and describing oneself, ordering a meal in a restaurant or giving directions.
  • The scope of our activities ensure that listening, understanding and speaking the language is the key focus. Writing and reading skills are covered too.

Adult Intermediate

  • This course is aimed at students who already have had a first contact with the language and wish to improve their knowledge and expand their vocabulary.
  • The students will be able to speak in past, present and future tenses and will gain the confidence to express themselves in a variety of different topics.
  • Grammar and vocabulary are the key focus to ensure greater control of the language in conversation and writing.

Adult Proficient

  • This course is aimed at students who are comfortable reading, writing and speaking the language and wish to obtain complete fluency.
  • The course is designed to boost the student's communication, listening and writing skills through a range of exercises enabling them to use ambitious expressions and vocabulary with ease.

Junior & Junior and Leaving Certificate Grinds

  • This course covers the Junior and Leaving Certificate curriculum and it is tailored to the student's current level to ensure they are engaged in learning from the outset.
  • Both single and group classes are available upon request.

After School Children

  • This is a fun packed course with a variety of activities where children will be engaged in learning the language through games, singing songs, arts and crafts, reading stories and role-play in a variety of situations.
  • No previous knowledge of the language is required.
  • This course is open to ages 4 to 12 years.

  • Please contact us for timetable and prices information.